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Willamette Valley Wine Country: Red Ridge Farms

If you’re looking to taste some amazing vintages and enjoy the glorious views Willamette Valley wineries have to offer, you can’t go wrong with Red Ridge Farms. This beautiful, successful and friendly winery is the perfect destination for anyone staying in Oregon wine country and seeking a relaxing, fun-filled day trip.

Red Ridge Farms : Family Owned and Operated Deliciousness

One of our favorite destinations in the Willamette Valley Oregon is Red Ridge Farms. This sweeping estate grows both olives and grapes, bottling local oils and vintages are perfect to take back to the “real” world with you. Whether you’re seeking gifts for family and friends, or just want goods to remind you of your amazing escape to wine country Oregon, this family-owned estate is the day trip for you.

What to Do at Red Ridge Farms

The first and most obvious activity at Red Ridge Farms is wine tasting. From their dedicated tasting room to their glorious courtyards and patios, you have menu venues from which to enjoy your sips or glasses. You can also pay a visit to the olive mill, where they bottle oils both flavored and pure. When you’re done hitting up both of those destinations, check out the gift shop for delectable pantry items such as nuts, chocolate, salt and honey.

Luxurious Accommodations in Wine Country

Of course, after a restful day at Red Ridge Farms, you’ll want a lovely, cozy hotel room to which you can return. Indulge yourself at one of the nicest Oregon wine country hotels here at the Allison Inn & Spa. Don’t miss your opportunity to book a spring, summer or fall getaway before rooms fill up. Call today and start planning your wine country adventure!