All Things Pinot

All Things Pinot

When in pinot noir country, it’s all people want to drink and talk about. Like most, we have fallen in love with this amazing grape….so we incorporated the varietal into almost every aspect of our hospitality.

JORY, our signature restaurant is named after the native soil that grows this luscious grape. We have hundreds of pinot noirs on our wine list, most from Oregon, but many from other wine regions across the globe.  Guests enjoy wine flight tasting comparisons. JORY Bar serves a Pinotini…..a martini with a splash of pinot noir.

Our Pinot Burger is a signature menu item at JORY. Chocolate Pinot Noir Cake deepens the flavor of rich chocolate cake...decadent. Pinot Sodas are a refreshing non-alcoholic alternative.

The Spa offers pinotherapy spa treatments. Allison Vineyards adjacent to the resort recently harvested our own estate Austin Knoll label.  We are currently pouring Pinot Gris from our 2 acre estate vineyard and our Pinot Nor from our 5 acres will make a debut in 2015. These wines are only sold on propery at JORY.

When deciding where to stay in Oregon Wine Country, the answer is a resounding...The Allison.