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KPTV Fox 12 – Portland Cuvée Weekend offers exclusive tastings at The Allison Inn & Spa

A night of luxury at the Willamette Valley’s award-winning Allison Inn and Spa typically costs at least a few hundred dollars. But there is a way to experience the resort’s wine, fine dining, relaxation, and more, for just $50 dollars starting this Friday at the Third Annual Cuvée Weekend.

“I find community far more important than food. If you value who’s around you and what their doing and try to source the best product for their certain craft. My jobs pretty simple, its just finding the best ingredients and putting them together and showcasing what we do and where we do it.” -Chef Sunny Jin, Executive Chef, JORY Restaurant At The Allison Inn & Spa

“Friday night is Cuvée Stroll that the Allison hosts and they bring producers in from 15 different wineries and vendors, and celebrating the culinary richness that’s here in the valley.” – Anne Nisbet, Director of the Oregon Chardonnay Celebration

“The Willamette Valley is starting to gain some traction on the food and wine scene, we’ve obviously been developing for sometime, the greatest thing about what we’re about to do now is put a spotlight on what we do and bring together all these purveyors, cheese makers, bread makers, and artisans of their particular craft along with all these wineries that we just go shoulder to shoulder with throughout the valley.” -Chef Sunny Jin, Executive Chef, JORY Restaurant At The Allison Inn & Spa.