Oregon's Green Hotel

Oregon's Green Hotel

The Allison was awarded the prestigious LEED Gold Certification less than a year after opening in fall, 2009.  We are pleased to be acknowledged as a property committed to achieving this ‘green seal’ with respect to building practices and sustainable ongoing operations. Key ‘green’ features include solar hot water, photo voltaic cells (generating 7% electricity), no use of plastic bottles and installing sedum ‘green eco-roofing’ on  the west wing. 

Located within the urban limits of the town, the development did not encroach upon environmentally sensitive  agricultural lands. The importing of mature trees and gardens resulted in a net agricultural gain – significantly more trees and vegetation brought on to the property than displaced by construction.

Behind the scenes, our operations are ever dedicated to the same principles. With waste and recycle management, green cleaning and laundry practices, local based culinary program, we take a tireless   approach to environmental stewardship.

A list of our environmentally-aware policies:

  • Emphasize sustainability & conservation
  • Share with guests, staff, the community our vision, approach & rationale on sustainability
  • Work with suppliers to ensure their products & services reflect our ethics
  • Monitor & measure regularly the short/long term environmental impact of our operations
  • Use energy efficient appliances,light bulbs,refrigerators & computers that automatically sleep
  • Work with other organizations to share information & techniques to protect the health & vitality     of our natural resources
  • Windows open for cooling & natural breezes
  • Use as many sensors, timers & energy efficient fixtures as possible
  • Use programmable thermostats, motion sensors & other controls to reduce heating & cooling costs in unoccupied rooms
  • Ask vendors to reduce unnecessary packaging & focus on bulk products
  • Eliminate Styrofoam cups
  • Use cloth napkins in the restaurant & restrooms
  • Solar hot water, photo voltaic cells (generating 7% of electricity)
  • No plastic bottles used on property
  • Multiple roofs planted with sedum, eco-roofing
  • Reusable, refillable soap, shampoo & conditioner bottles in guest rooms
  • Sheet & towel saver program
  • In-room water filtration systems
  • Water efficient sinks, showers & water closets
  • Use recycled paper products
  • Local businesses are used, whenever possible
  • Purchase foods from local growers, whenever possible
  • Produce & prepare fresh vegetables from our own 1.5 acre Chef’s Garden & Greenhouse
  • Dedicated parking spaces for electric & hybrid cars