Garden to Table Seasonal Cuisine

Garden to Table Seasonal Cuisine

In keeping with our garden-to-table theme, JORY took the philosophy to a new level with our completed Greenhouse and charming Anna Ashby as Garden Manager.

With 1.5 acres under her care and supervision from Chef, guests are assured only the most ripe vegetables are picked each morning to be woven into the daily menu plan.

We are blessed to have this abundant garden and welcome guests in need of a little garden therapy to lift their spirits. A clever weekly State of the Garden memo is current on what is scheduled to be grown, what's been planted and its progress, what is close to prime time and eventually…what will be in short supply soon.

Wine country in Oregon is agriculture at its best. We incorporate these bountiful items into spa treatments and offer visits to neighboring purveyors or an olive oil tasting up the hill.  It will bring out the farmer in all of us.

To learn more about what is being harvested every week please take a look at our blog, State of the Garden.